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Names Released Of 22 Missing Since Mudslide

The search continues in Oso, Wash., for victims of the massive mudslide that swept through about 50 homes and properties on March 22.

As we reported Monday evening, the death toll stands at 24. Of those, 19 people have been identified.

Over the past 10 days, authorities have worked hard to winnow the list of names on the list of those who have been missing since the disaster. On All Things Considered, NPR's Martin Kaste reported about why the number of names on that list once rose to 176, before coming down.


One reason it got so high, he said, is that authorities collected reports from several outlets — including the Internet. They consolidated those lists. Then detectives set to work.

Monday evening, Snohomish County authorities felt confident enough in their work that they released a list of 22 people who remain missing. According to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, "anyone who should not be on this list is asked to call the Sheriff's Office tip line immediately at (425) 388-3845."

As you'll see, those who are missing range in age from 2 to 91. The names, as reported by the sheriff's office (the mailing addresses in the community say Arlington, Wash.):

1. Dequiletts, Ronald M., 52, Arlington and Bothell2. Durnell, Thomas M., 55, Steelhead Dr., Arlington3. Gullikson, Bonnie J., 91, SR 530 NE, Arlington4. Gustafson, Mark J., 54, Steelhead Dr., Arlington5. Hadaway, Steven N., 53, Steelhead Dr., Arlington6. Halstead, Jerry L., 74, Steelhead Dr., Arlington7. Halstead, Gloria J., 67, Steelhead Dr., Arlington8. Harris, Denver P., 13, Steelhead Dr., Arlington9. Harris, Steve, 52, Arlington10. Harris, Theresa, 52, Arlington11. Miller, Larry, 58, Arlington12. Miller, Sandra, 64, Arlington13. Regelbrugge, Molly K., 44, Steelhead Dr., Arlington14. Ruthven, Katie, 35, Steelhead Dr., Arlington15. Ruthven, Wyatt, 4, Steelhead Dr., Arlington16. Satterlee, Thom, 64, Steelhead Dr., Arlington17. Satterlee, Mary, 61, Steelhead Dr., Arlington18. Slauson, Lon E., 59, Steelhead Dr., Arlington19. Spillers, Billy, 30, Steelhead Dr., Arlington20. Spillers, Brooke, 2, Steelhead Dr., Arlington21. Webb, Delaney M., 19, Steelhead Dr., Arlington (alternate address is Marysville)22. Mangual, Jovan E., 13, Steelhead Dr., Arlington

The county's medical examiner has released a list of 18 people whose bodies have been identified. A 19th victim's name is expected to be released Tuesday, "pending notification of family," the office says. The youngest person known to have died was just 4 months old. The names, as reported by the medical examiner's office:

18. Gerald E. Logan, 63, from Arlingon, WA17. Sonoah Heustis, 4 months, from Arlington, WA 16. Judee S. Vandenburg, 64, from Arlington, WA 15. Amanda B. Lennick, 31, from Arlington, WA14. Shelley L. Bellomo, 55, from Arlington, WA13. Hunter Ruthven, 6, from Arlington, WA12. Julie A. Farnes, 59, from Arlington, WA 11. Alan M. Bejvl, 21, from Arlington, WA10. Leon J. Regelbrugge III, 49, from Arlington, WA9. Joseph R. Miller, 47, from Arlington, WA8. Summer R. Raffo, 36, from Arlington, WA7. Lewis F. Vandenburg, 71, from Arlington, WA6. Shane M. Ruthven, 41, from Arlington, WA5. William E. Welsh, 66, from Arlington, WA4. Kaylee B. Spillers, 5, from Arlington, WA3. Linda L. McPherson, 69, from Arlington, WA2. Stephen A. Neal, 55, from Darrington, WA1. Christina A. Jefferds, 45, from Arlington, WA

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