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Dad Catches Rockies' Home Run With One Hand; Baby Is Safe

A San Francisco Giants fan holding a baby caught a two-run home run hit by Colorado Rockies player Troy Tulowitzki during a Father's Day game at AT&T; Park.

San Francisco's ABC7 News reports that Rob Winner, a fire captain from San Rafael, Calif., calmly snagged the ball with one hand while holding his 1-year-old son, Thomas, in the other. He'd left his seat for a few moments to change his son's diaper.

Just a day earlier at AT&T; Park, another Giants fan single-handedly caught a foul ball hit by Rockies player Josh Rutledge while holding his toddler, according to


Although Winner wasn't pleased with the Rockies' 8-7 victory on Sunday, he was still able to bond with Tulowitzki over fatherhood.

"It's Tulowitzki's first Father's Day," Winner said. "He wanted the ball back. So I gave him the ball and he gave me an autographed ball from him."

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