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Friday Feline Fun: A Ranking Of The Most Famous Internet Cats

Celebrity Internet cat Lil Bub, who ranks #4 on the cat influencer list.
Dave Kotinsky Getty Images
Celebrity Internet cat Lil Bub, who ranks #4 on the cat influencer list.

The top 20 cats

1 Grumpy Cat

2 Sparta & Loki (Mean Kitty)

3 Shironeko

4 Lil’ Bub

5 Nylah Kitty

6 Oskar & Klaus

7 City the Kitty

8 Henri Le Chat Noir

9 Colonel Meow

10 Venus the Two Faced Cat

11 Nala

12 Hamilton the Hipster Cat

13 Roku

14 Maru

15 Luna The Fashion Kitty

16 Winston

17 Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat

18 Pudge

19 Tommy, Gracie, and Leo

20 Zeus the Serval

See the full list for more

For reasons I can't fully understand, the Internet loves its cats. Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat are household names, I Can Haz Cheezeburger is a digital empire and my real-life cats are on a social networking site called Catster (this is not a joke).

So you've gotta wonder how it took a cat food company this long to come up with this: The Friskies 50, a definitive list of cat influencers, powered by an algorithm that adjusts monthly depending on a cat's social media reach, engagement across various social platforms and mentions in traditional news outlets.


To close this out, here's a classic from Maru at the top of the story, my personal favorite Internet cat (ranked No. 14 on the power list).

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