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Clean Tech Shines Differently Around California

An algae sample from the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology.
An algae sample from the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology.

California's clean technology industry is booming, according to a new report. But different regions have different strengths.

Non-partisan think tank Next 10 found San Diego's clean tech economy is a showcase for the development of bio-renewable technologies and micro-grids, which are small, closed systems that produce and use their own power.

There are a number of things that work together to help San Diego.


"Investment dollars. Patents are a very big thing in clean technology," Next 10 founder Noel Perry said. "And innovation due to our clean tech businesses. Our research institutions. And the policies that drive the clean tech sector."

Other parts of California boast their own strengths. San Francisco's clean-tech-friendly government policies were singled out. Los Angeles and Orange counties were recognized for being the fastest growing electric vehicle market in the state.

"There are many different unique assets in the clean tech markets' different regions around California and we thought it would be important to try to capture that and show some of the similarities and differences," Perry said.

San Diego Gas and Electric has largely converted to smart meters and the company is a driver for local micro-grids, such as one at UC San Diego.

Companies in the region that work with items like plants, algae and waste are also thriving. They have landed more than $800 million dollars in early-stage funding during the past decade.


Read the complete report online here.