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WATCH: Forget Crop Circles, This Farmer Is Making Art With His Cows

A farmer makes art by herding his cows.
A farmer makes art by herding his cows.

We'll get back to the news in no time, but first, a bit of mischief from a farmer in Kansas.

Derek Klingenberg put a drone over a field in his farm. He then used his tractor to drop some feed in strategic places. He uploaded the result to YouTube, this week. And it's pretty cool.

You just have to watch:


As Klingenberg concludes, "We have happy cows in Kansas."

Klingenberg, by the way, has been in the news before. The Kansas City Star wrote about him back in 2014, when he went viral by serenading his cows with a trombone rendition of Lorde's Royals.

About his Internet fame, he told the paper: "It's weird. Millions of people all over the world watch my stuff, but I haven't left the farm. I'm just reading about it on my phone."

We'll leave you with another Internet classic — and a long-time favorite of this blogger — in which a jazz band plays When The Saints Go Marching In for a herd of mesmerized cows:

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