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Power Outages Hit Parts Of Washington, D.C., Including The White House

Parts of Washington, D.C., were hit by power outages Tuesday. Power was out in several government buildings, including the White House. The Capitol and the departments of State, Justice and Energy also were affected.

The local power company, Pepco, reported major problems throughout the D.C. area.

The Smithsonian said it had evacuated several of its museums because of the outages. A daily news briefing at the State Department was suspended after the power went out.


The Washington Post reported that "as of about 1:20 p.m., power was on at the White House, Executive Office Building and Department of Homeland Security."

The press office said the White House was operating on backup power.

A congressional aide said the U.S. Capitol complex was operating using a backup generator, according to Reuters. The news agency added that some Metrorail stations were running on emergency lighting.

We'll update this post with further developments.

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