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John Kerry Flown To Swiss Hospital After Bicycle Accident

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was taken to a Swiss hospital after a bike crash outside of Geneva, the Associated Press reports.

The AP, citing State Department spokesman John Kirby, said Kerry did not lose consciousness and is in stable condition. He suffered a likely leg injury.

The crash occurred near Sconzier, France, not far from Geneva, where Kerry has been holding nuclear talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Kerry often takes bike rides while he's traveling.

A physician was on the scene as part of Kerry's motorcade, and he was transported by helicopter to Geneva's main hospital. The AP continues:

A paramedic traveling with his motorcade immediately examined the secretary after his bike apparently hit a curb, causing the fall, Kirby said. X-rays were being taken of Kerry's right leg. It was unclear how long Kerry was expected to stay in hospital or if he could call off the remainder of his four-nation trip. Kerry had planned to travel later Sunday to Madrid for meetings with Spain's king and prime minister, before spending two days in Paris for an international conference on combating the Islamic State group.

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