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Michael Brown's Family Will Sue Ferguson Over Police Shooting Death

The parents of Michael Brown, the unarmed man whom a Ferguson, Mo., police officer shot and killed last August, are filing a civil lawsuit against the city. It's not yet known whether the lawsuit will include Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, 18.

The lawsuit will be filed at the St. Louis County Courthouse this morning, the family says. We'll follow the accompanying news conference for any updates.

From St. Louis Public Radio:

"The civil suit is expected to rely on much of the same evidence presented in state and federal investigations into the police shooting. But attorney Anthony Gray said the lawsuit will show a 'more accurate picture of what took place that day.' "

The investigations into Brown's death did not result in indictments for Wilson. But a Department of Justice report on the city's police department found "a pattern of unconstitutional policing."

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