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Sanders: 'What We Must Do Or Forever Regret, Defeat Donald Trump And Elect Hillary Clinton'

California delegates expressed their dissatisfaction with the party's nomination process Monday night by booing loudly on the convention floor throughout Monday night's speeches, July 25, 2016.
Ben Bradford / Capital Public Radio
California delegates expressed their dissatisfaction with the party's nomination process Monday night by booing loudly on the convention floor throughout Monday night's speeches, July 25, 2016.

An 18-Year-Old Hillary Clinton Delegate On The DNC
An 18-Year-Old Hillary Clinton Delegate On The DNC GUEST: Kevin Sabellico, Hillary Clinton delegate from Carlsbad

'm Maureen Cavanaugh, it's just a, July 26 to get our top story on midday edition he was --additionally with a wellthursday at the Democratic 37 in Philadelphia, an effort by the Bernie robust delegates to the swap the convention to powerful beaches from Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama. I wake up every morning and house that was built by slaves and I watch my daughter's, two beautiful intelligent young black woman playing with their dogs on -- your dog from the -- their dogs on the White house lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton my daughter's and all of our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be a president -- President of the United States of Max the California delegate have been playing a critical role on how strong the forces would be throughout the convention. Earlier I spoke with cap -- and elected Clinton delegate from California, 18-years-old Carlsbad, he graduated from Canyon crest Academy, attended UC Santa Barbara in the fall in -- and all in major in physics the Kevin, thank you so much for joining us about thank you so much for having me, California education has -- had the largest number of Sanders delegate and they have been specially outspoken universal, this morning in a breakfast all, Bernie Sanders got some pushback from the delegation and then he pushed back. elections, come and go and in my view, -- and in my view, our immediate taskswhat we must do or forever look back and regret is that to the peaks Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. In my view, it's easy it easy it is easy to pull, but it is harder to look your kids in -- and the faithful will be living under a Donald Trump presidency cap next the ballot Bernie Sanders this morning at the California delegation at the DNC, Kevin, my question to you are there a lot of tensions within the delegation. a lot of tension. Every time someone who may be indoors Hillary or -- a lot of delegate are very pleased with the hope primary for taking time and putting them in front of the speakers or it was tense. A majority of the vast majority of the delegate are here and community and they want to elect Hillary Clinton even if they did not support her in the primary, most of them get the message and lead to defeat -- way to defeat Donald Trump. At what he said and I agree with him. they called it came off at the convention is that how it into you push -- ? no, thatCalifornia get delegation is notable because they are so loud large, we have 551 delegates,they are able to come together because it's so big the section is --the section is a large, they could all sit together andthat Sanders delegate -- she called them out in Ted you guys are being ridiculous, and you -- intellectual. What did you think of last night's speeches. I thought they were amazing. Michelle Obama speech, she wakes up every morning in a house built by slaves South moving, it shows the progress and it builds on the progress that we need to be making in the future. tonight is a role : delegates were Sanders will be able to cast their votes for him, alternately -- ultimately Hillary Clinton has the votes to win the nomination, what are you expecting tonight ? I expecting her to gain -- and expecting her to gain the nomination and be the first woman to carry the major nomination of a major party in history. It will be a full all called in 2000 -- company she released her delegate that -- she released her delegate that did not happen, asking her delegates to vote for him and we will not see any state -- that's not going to happen, it happened in 2008 some point and it will not happen -- and at the end of the day, each -- she will walk I will be the end -- we see the light Hillary Clinton to be Donald Trump cap next I have never heard him speak before. I was working that day. I could not make it, I have to give him speak. I have seen him on TV a lot, 18-years-oldthere's a lot of people you haven't speaking before, I want to ask you what -- what are your impressions of this political convention what is it that you thought it would be pushing -- ? it's mostly of what I thought it would be as wellI should well wear comfortable walking shoes and lots of running around before we go to the Lord to be prepared to stay from 4:00 p.m.until midnight and that's exactly what happened last night we heard a bunch of wonderful speeches from several amazing people and like the like drinking from a fire hose everyone has so much to share and just sat there and consumed all of it, I understand your parents are Republicans. So you had made a major switch from where ityour family has been going politically, what caused that for your -- you Christmas. they wouldn't like to be called Republicans. I guess I am more independent and I did actually make switch the -- to Democrats or they can vote for the caucus and I ran for delegate and they are not Democrats at all. They are very much support candidateRepublican candidates in -- and they support me and they know they can't impose their will on me and -- the events they -- me and they probably -- and it makes an interesting to the conversation. I've been speaking with Kevin -- -- cap -- they ended elected Hillary Clinton delegate from California. Thank you so much. Of Max


UPDATE: 11 a.m., July 26, 2016


While Bernie Sanders repeated his message Tuesday morning that he'll be supporting Hillary Clinton in November, the first union to endorse his presidential bid says it will not switch its support, despite the Vermont senator's urging.

Katy Roemer is a board member of the California Nurses Association and an East Bay Sanders delegate.

While watching and booing speeches on the convention floor Monday night, Roemer said the union doesn't care that Sanders is campaigning for Clinton.

"We like to say jokingly ... he borrowed our platform," she says. "We have been long-term for single-payer, long-term for free public health care."

Political analysts credit the union with helping to legitimize Sanders's campaign with its early endorsement. If the union does not support a major party candidate, it would not be the first time. In 2000, the nurses backed Green Party candidate Ralph Nader.


UPDATE: 9 a.m., July 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders made a surprise appearance Tuesday morning at a California delegation breakfast event during the second day of the Democratic National Convention.

He directly addressed the level of unrest within the delegation. Some members of the group have been vocal and booed through many of Monday night's speeches.

"Elections come and go, in my view, our immediate task, what we must do or forever look back and regret is defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton," Sanders told the delegation.

Clinton is prepared to make history Tuesday as the first woman to be nominated.

Sanders supporters say they intend to go on protesting Tuesday.

CapRadio's Ben Bradford said it's important to note that the dissenting group is a minority within the California delegation — about 45 percent of pledged delegates. The overall number of delegates, both pledged and unpledged, is more than 500.

Bradford said it's unclear what will happen during roll call Tuesday, when delegates will announce a vote for the nomination.

Original Post:

The Democratic National Convention has showcased the challenge party leaders and the Hillary Clinton campaign face in bringing Bernie Sanders' most ardent supporters into the fold. But California delegates pose an extra challenge. 

Sanders delegates were already booing the mention of Hillary Clinton and her vice-presidential pick Tim Kaine at the California Democratic Party Breakfast — as they would throughout the day and on the convention floor — but they had a special jeer for California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

"Well, I can tell everyone is fired up, because I'm fired up, too, I'm fired up," Padilla said.

The crowd is chanting "Count the Vote" so loud it's hard to hear Padilla in the room.

"All right, if you all will settle down, we will address your questions, and I will explain how the ballots and the votes have been counted," he said.

It's counties, not the Secretary of State, that tally votes, and there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud. But rumors have swirled among Sanders supporters that Clinton somehow rigged the election. 

"She stole this election, and there's no way I'm going to hand her my vote," said Los Angeles delegate Miguel Zuniga. "She never earned it. She burned my vote, and I'm going to keep Bernie. And the revolution continues with or without Bernie."

Secretary of State Padilla said he was caught off-guard by the chants.

"I don't know where it stems from, all I know is that we run a very open and transparent process," Padilla said. "Every county elections division as they're receiving ballots and counting ballots is open to the public for monitoring and review."

Padilla thinks media outlets projecting results on election night, while the state actually takes six weeks to go through millions more ballots helped create confusion and breed distrust of the results.

Regardless of the reasons, it will be hard for the Clinton campaign to attract California voters who think she stole the election.