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World's Top Women Surfers Prepare To Catch Waves In Oceanside

Alison St John
Preparations for the Supergirl Pro Surfing championships are underway in Oceanside, July 27, 2017.
Alison St John
Banners being prepared on the Oceanside pier for the 10th Supergirl Pro Surfing Event, July 27, 2017.

Preparations are underway in Oceanside for the 10th Supergirl Pro Surfing championships which kicks off Friday.

The championship is the largest female surf contest in the world and more than 100 of the top female surfers from Hawaii, Australia and South Africa — as well as Southern California — are expected to compete.


The surfing tournament is the only qualifying event in the United States for the 2018 Women's World Championship Tour.

The event starts Friday and runs through Sunday. Admission is free.