Roundtable: Fire Danger, Housing Shortage, Restoring Balboa Park's South End

Friday, December 8, 2017
By Mark Sauer, Neiko Will


The Story

Flames have already engulfed parts of the county, and dangerous conditions are expected through the weekend. Humidity levels are extremely low. And the San Diego county wildfire threat level is at "purple," which is unprecedented.

The Discussion

–What is the takeaway from this week's unprecedented threat of fire?

–As weather patterns change, should land use policy change?

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The Story

Unemployment is down, and wages are up. But San Diego residents aren't making the jump from renters to home owners.

San Diego is in a housing crisis. The demand for homes is greater than supply. So, the few homes that are available are not affordable for most people. According to the California Association of Realtors, only a quarter of county households can afford a median-priced home of $529,750.

This week, we delve into the question posed by two San Diego Union-Tribune reporters: Can San Diego build its way out of the crisis?

The Discussion

-How big an obstacle is anti-growth sentiment?

-What are the consequences if the county does not solve this issue?

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The Story

The south side of Balboa Park is due for a makeover. That's the opinion of park preservationists, who are hoping to see major improvements to what is called the Palisades over the next decade.

Planned improvements include restoring murals, reopening an outdoor music venue, and recreating a plaza and fountains that used to be in front of what is now the Air and Space Museum.

This last one, though, might be tricky. To do it, 280 parking spaces would be eliminated.

The Discussion

-How much money will it take to restore the Palisades, and who will pay for it?

-Could the parking issue tank some of these proposed projects?

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