The Old Globe Is Bringing Shakespeare To New Audiences

Monday, November 6, 2017
By Brooke Ruth, Maureen Cavanaugh

The Old Globe's performance of "Twelfth Night" may be the very first glimpse of Shakespeare for some members of the audience.

Globe for All, the Globe's arts engagement program, is offering free performances of "Twelfth Night," Shakespeare's comedy of disguise and mistaken identity, this month at venues throughout San Diego County.

Jennifer Paredes, who plays Viola in The Old Globe's production of "Twelfth Night," is a native of Chula Vista. Paredes said she didn't see her first Shakespeare production until college and enjoys exposing others to the work of the famous playwright.

"We get the opportunity to share a brand new way of storytelling with people who maybe wouldn't choose to go see Shakespeare for whatever reason whether it be their lack of access to it or just being intimidated by the language," Paredes said.

The arts engagement director for The Old Globe, Freedome Bradley-Ballentine, said the locations of the performances are chosen in an effort to reach a diverse audience.

"We want to have a cross range of people that are coming in, so we want to have economically, culturally, geographically diverse citizens that are coming to all of our programs," Bradley-Ballentine said.

Bradley-Ballentine and Paredes join Midday Edition on Monday to discuss the production and the Globe for All program.