San Diego Nonprofit Helps Children Orphaned By Domestic Violence

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
By Marissa Cabrera, Maureen Cavanaugh

There are about 17,000 domestic violence incidents reported in San Diego County every year, according to the San Diego District Attorney's Office.

Stopping violence in the home has been a national concern for the last 36 years. That's when October was first designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This year, the focus of a San Diego nonprofit is to provide support for the youngest victims of domestic violence - children.

Kathy’s Legacy Foundation, a nonprofit organization co-founded by Ginny Scharbarth who lost her daughter to domestic violence, is working with the San Diego District Attorney’s office to help children orphaned by domestic violence.

The foundation’s new Silver Lining Program provides support with guardianship or adoption, therapy, mental health and medical care.

Scharbarth joins Midday Edition to discuss the impact of domestic violence on children.