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Want To Build Diversity and Inclusion In The Workplace? There's An App For That

Lead Inclusively App on mobile device. November 19, 2020
Lead Inclusively App on mobile device. November 19, 2020
Lead Inclusively, a San Diego-based firm, has launched the Inclusion Virtual Coach application, which uses neuroscience, artificial intelligence and "real-time" nudge messaging to help transform the workplace.

There’s been a major focus towards increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and many companies are starting to use technology to reach their goals.

San Diego-based firm Lead Inclusively launched a desktop and mobile application called the Inclusion Virtual Coach. The app uses neuroscience and artificial intelligence to create behavioral change and encourage best practices in the workplace.

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"At the end of the day all companies want to be successful and they know to do that they have to do it with an inclusive workforce. Because if people don't feel like they belong, they're not bringing their best self to work," said Denise Hummel, CEO of Lead Inclusively.

Hummel joined Midday Edition on Thursday to talk about how the app works and technology's role in the movement towards more inclusive workplaces.