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AMERICA REFRAMED: For The Love of Rutland

Stacie in monster truck
Stacie in monster truck. Despite a lifetime of feeling invalidated and shamed for her poverty and addiction, long-time Rutland resident, Stacie, emerges as an unexpected and resilient leader in a town divided by class, cultural values, and divisive politics.

Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 11 p.m. on KPBS 2

AMERICA REFRAMED takes viewers to scenic New England where a battle rages over refugee resettlement in Jennifer Maytorena Taylor's "For the Love of Rutland." As passions heat up nationally over race, economics and immigration in 2016, the film captures the fallout in the blue-collar town of Rutland, Vermont, where residents grapple with the resettlement of Syrian refugees while facing the devastation of a stagnating local economy and a growing opioid crisis.

For the Love of Rutland | Official Trailer | AMERICA REFRAMED

An intimate, verité-style documentary, "For the Love of Rutland" explores issues affecting communities across the nation in the microcosm of one small Vermont town. As tensions over the attempt to relocate Syrian refugees to the predominantly white town of Rutland grow, cultural, racial and political divides deepen amongst the town’s citizens.

For the Love of Rutland | The Opioid Crisis In Vermont

Despite a lifetime of feeling invalidated and shamed for her poverty and addiction, Stacie, a long-time Rutland resident, emerges as an unexpected and resilient leader. As she works to maintain her sobriety and struggles to provide for her family, her own evolution allows her to see parallels between her life and those of the newcomers to Rutland.

For The Love of Rutland | The Working Poor

A filmmaker of Mexican and Anglo descent, Taylor — whose credits include "New Muslim Cool" (POV 2009) and "Paulina" (Sundance Channel 2000) — moved to Rutland from Southern California as an elementary school student. She drew on her own perspectives as a one-time newcomer in making this film about people who are considered outsiders.


“Although it’s been more than 35 years since I lived in the Rutland area, I have always wanted to tell a story about small town life from the perspective of someone who’s felt pushed aside and squashed by the harsh class dynamics that are the sort of underbelly of an otherwise beautiful place, that confounding duality of kindness and cruelty.”

For the Love of Rutland | Growing Up Black in Vermont

"For The Love of Rutland" had its world premiere at the 2020 Hot Docs International Film Festival, where it was named one of Indiewire’s “10 Most Exciting Films” and one of 2020’s “Best 10 Documentaries” by POV magazine.

For the Love of Rutland | White Syndrome

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