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Comic-Con Booth Highlight Friday

No Comic-Con would be complete without Bud Plant Comic Art. Bud Plant has been coming to Comic-Con since it began. When I interviewed him for a piece I did for

NPR on Comic-Con , here's what he said about the first show: "The very first one was in the basement of a hotel, the U.S. Grant Hotel. I was a kid of 18, and I had three other guys and we had an eight-foot table. In fact the funny thing about the show in 1970 is, I believe, there was only one girl at the entire show. There were probably only a few hundred people in the first place, but there was one comic book guy and his daughter was there."

Check out Bud Plants glorious selection of books at booths 1500 and 1501.


Photo Sharing

I also want to highlight two booths that have local connections: Billy Martinez' Neko Press (Booth 1622) and IDW Publishing (2229). Both Neko Press and IDW Publishing are located in San Diego, and you have heard folks from both companies interviewed on KPBS' These Days program. Martinez will actually be painting in his booth so check out his live demonstration.

Kickass Girl from Neko Press.

30 Days of Night from IDW Publishing.