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SD INDY: The Shorts

Looking for something free and fun? Check out a local mini-festival called SD INDY: The Shorts this Saturday August 11 at Midnight at San Diego's last remaining single screen theater, Landmark's Ken Cinema.

Aaron Soto's Omega Shell

One of the event organizers and filmmakers is Erik Borowitz, who also works at Kensington Video. That's one of the great things about Kensington Video (as with Citizen Video), the folks who work there know and love film. Borowitz will be screening his new film The Commander. Also included in the late night program will be Jocelyn Jacobs' The Plunge, Cathy Alberich's Algesia , Aaron Soto's Omega Shell , Dyego Chums' Xombie Movie, Natalie Anderson's The Boulevard Shorts , Cherrie Lim's Walkie Talkie Memories , Davina Semo's Anyone Can Imagine Ten Place They'd Rather Be and another of Borowitz' films, Road to Salvation.

I have seen and previously screened at Film School Confidential the works Algesia and Omega Shell. Omega Shell is made by the incredibly talented and always inventive Tijuana filmmaker Aaron Soto. He made the film for a mere $200 and it looks stunning. I have described it in the past as Clive Barker meets Luis Bunuel in the Mexican desert. With little money, Soto finds clever ways to give his futuristic tale high production values. Alberich's Algesia just screened at Comic-Con where the audience applauded her darkly toned but vividly shot tale about the pain and danger of unrequited love. Soto also worked on Algesia . Both films reveal a bold sense of visual composition and exquisite use of sound. These two films alone are worth seeking out on the big screen.

So take a break from mall theaters and take a gamble on these young filmmakers. Some of them have the talent to move on to bigger projects and you could say I remember them when...