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UR Pre-Approved Benefit Screening

The poster for the locally made documentary UR Pre-Approved (Brad Dugdale)

San Diego doesn't often get to lay claim to a world premiere but tonight moviegoers can attend the world premiere of the local documentary UR Pre-Approved . UltraStar Poway 10 Cinemas hosts a benefit screening tonight Thursday September 6 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $7.50 each and all proceeds from the world premiere benefit Newspapers in Education. For information or to purchase tickets call 760-901-4106.

San Diego film director Randall Blaum, executive producer Brad Dugdale and producer Grant Smith look to current headlines to create a documentary that asks: Why are American consumers over $800 billion dollars in credit card debt? Whos really looking out for Americans and their wallets? And what can average Americans do?


Here's information about the film from their press release (I was unable to screen it before the benefit):

UR Pre-Approved is the brainchild of Mr. Dugdale and Mr. Smith and production took almost two years to complete. Over 30 nationally recognized credit and debt experts were interviewed for the film and what they have to say will shock most moviegoers.

"The films timeliness and relevance is reflected in the new round of Congressional hearings examining the massive amount of credit card debt that is consuming Americans (over $2 trillion dollars in available credit card credit, alone), skyrocketing interest rates (as much as 1095%!!), and the unintended, far-reaching, effects of the controversial 2006 bankruptcy reform act which, ironically, makes it even more difficult for individual Americans and families to cope with and overcome debt."

The filmmakers would also like people to look at their film not merely as a documentary but as an 'Actionmentary' because the movie not only reveals important problems facing Americans but also offers numerous immediate solutions to help viewers understand and address their own debt challenges."

The film opens on September 7. Visit the UR Pre-Approved website. Seeing this film, you might want to pay for your tickets in cash.