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The Dark Knight- WOW!

Wow. I have gone over two hundred words without saying Batman. One of the many things that made the movie so perfect was Christian Bale's performance as Batman. Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Unlike Superman, Spider-man or most other superheroes, he wasn't born powerful or exposed to radiation. He overcame adversity, and using courage and everlasting hope for a brighter tomorrow, he triumphs. The reason Batman is so special is because he gives the message that everyone has the capacity to change and make a difference. They really emphasized that in this movie by making Batman more human. Not only was Batman not bulletproof but he faced human internal struggles as well. This aspect of his character accompanied by the awesome acting of Christian Bale made for the greatest hero to ever hit the big screen.

Lastly the action scenes were, to say the least, pretty cool. The movie had you on the edge of your seat begging for the good guy to pull through. Out of four stars I would give it a five. Undoubtedly the best movie of the year so far.

Vikram Bhoyrul is a senior at The Bishop's School in La Jolla. For years film has been a passion of his. Besides Star Wars, his favorite movies are Children of Men, Cinderella Man. Life of Brian, and without question The Lion King. He would also like to become a journalist when he grows up. His goal is to become an influential network anchor. In his free time he likes running, singing, watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and cooking. At high school, he is the editor of his own school newspaper, and in college he wishes to major in journalism.