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Christmas in July!


Each year as the Comic-Con approaches, I get an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's the good sort of excitement, like the type you feel as Christmas comes around. That's why I like to call Comic-Con, Christmas in July! (That's me to the left passed out in the booth after a long day the Con last year.)

A fun Comic-Con memory I have is from last year. Walking aorund Comic-Con is a sweaty job, especially if you keep walking back and forth through the quarter mile dealers' room. So my friend and I got... well... pretty smelly. So I got a bunch of free air fresheners (promo swag) from the movie Hairspray , and we strapped them to our badges so we wouldn't smell bad. We couldn't quite identify what the smell was, I think it was strawberry but it was better than teen sweat. I also took some home and strapped them to the fan in my bedroom to make my room smell nice. Aaahhhh, Comic-Con, smells like...