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Virgin Comics Tops List of Must See Comics Panels for Thursday

10:45-11:45 am Reinventing the Page: Stan Lee & Grant Morrison Talk Virgin Comics (Ballroom 20)
Two of comics' greatest visionary authors meet and talk comics for the first time! The legendary Stan Lee who helped re-invent the superhero in the 60s by co-creating some of the industry's most enduring and popular characters ( Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four ) shares insights and creative inspirations with contemporary comics most celebrated genius, Grant Morrison, whose awe-inspiring reinterpretations of classics ( All-Star Superman, Batman: Arkham Asylum, New X-Men, Final Crisis) have redefined these characters for the future. A once-in-a-lifetime event.

12:00-1:00 How NOT to Break into Comics (Room 10)
This panel packs the most fun at the entire Con! After endless articles and panels on breaking into the comic industry, now we can all finally hear the hilarious mistakes and mishaps that would-be creators have done to get a job in comics. Along with pointing out common mistakes seen by all comics editors, Oni Press' Randal C. Jarrell and SLG Publishing's Jennifer de Guzman will be regaling the crowd with laugh-inducing, horrific stories of desperate measures, pitches gone wrong, and downright crazy attempts by creators to get noticed.

3:00-4:00 Spotlight on Ed Brubaker (Room 7AB)
One of the best writers in the industry, multiple-Eisner Award winner Ed Brubaker will be looking to the future of sequential art, discussing new developments for his critically acclaimed titles ( Captain America, Criminal, Daredevil, X-Men ), and thrilling audiences with top secret news about new editions of the classic series that put him on the industry map.


3:30-4:30 Bat-Manga! Chip Kidd and the Secret History of Batman in Japan (Room 30AB)
Batmania goes Manga! The acclaimed designer Chip Kidd ( Mythology ) presents an exclusive slide-show on the often discussed but rarely seen officially licensed, original Batman manga stories from 1966 Japan! These haven't been collected or translated in over 40 years... who wants to bet these stories will finally see the light of day in gorgeously designed Chip Kidd edition?

6:25-8:00 Independents: A Guide for the Creative Spirit (Room 26AB)
A screening of one of the best documentary films about independent comics creators in years, filmmaker Chris Brandt's Independents: A Guide for the Creative Spirit explores the driving passions of successful writers/artists through interviews with huge numbers of acclaimed comic book talents. This event includes a post-screening Q&A with some of the greatest names in independent comics from the past two decades, including Jim Woodring (Frank), Kevin Eastman ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ), Shannon Wheeler ( Too Much Coffee Man ), Wendy Pini ( Elfquest ) and more!

Enjoy those panels and stay tuned for more KPBS' panel picks for San Diego Comic-Con 2008!