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Twilight Moms

The first two women (the first people in line period for the first Hall H line of the Con) were Joey Begemen, from Ohio and Penny Goodin, from Virginia. They got in line Wednesday afternoon for the panel on Twilight that would start at 1:15pm in Hall H. Many of the women were strangers when they lined up yesterday but were exchanging email addresses as I left them in line.

Twilight is based on a Stephenie Meyer book about teens and vampires. Goodin, a public school administrator, said the book was initially marketed to teens and young adults but then a group calling themselves Twilight Moms informed the publisher that older women were fans as well.

Nancy Laumann from Maryland said, "It's the perfect thing for moms and daughters to do together." There was one hubby in line who was doing Starbucks runs.


I did ask one practical question: "What happens when you have to go to the bathroom?" The answer: they all have hotel rooms and are friendly enough to hold each others' place in line.