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Onion Head Monster Attacks Comic-Con

Paul Friedrich and his creation Onion Head attack the Con! (Paul Friedrich)

Last year when I was doing an NPR report on the Eisner Awards, all the judges were raving about something called Onion Head Monster Attacks . They said it was hilarious. With such high praise I took to the stores to try to find it but was shocked to discover that no one knew anything about it. I finally find it available for free download at . And I was delighted by what I found. Paul Friedrich's scraggly drawn comic -- inspired by Godzilla -- conveyed high wit in deliberately rough artistic style.

Friedrich has a booth at Comic-Con (K-8 at the 1500 aisle) and is seeling his books, prints and other items. Go visit him. I promise his work will make you laugh. You can also listen to my interview with Friedrich from before the Comic-Con started.