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The Goon, The Movie? Yup!

The Goon panel was appropriately lively. & Powell has a flair for the dramatic, and last year's panel included a staged stabbing of a particularly annoying Fan Boy. At least I think it was staged.

This year the panel featured several guests - comedian Brian Posehn , and Reno 911 starts Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. & Powell and Posehn opened things up by announcing a new project featuring a classic Japanese film monster in, shall we say, adult situations.

The Reno stars revealed themselves to be ordained ministers, and performed an emergency exorcism on Powell. & A smoke machine punctuated the festivities.


After the guests left, Powell felt lonely on the dais, and invited several fans on stage to help him answer questions. & An incredibly gifted artist and story-teller, Powell has won several Eisner Awards, and is a nominee again this year.

Powell also mentioned several times throughout the proceedings that he was intoxicated, and I have no reason to doubt him!