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The Jayne Hat at Comic-Con

You don't know it yet, but Firefly is already your favorite TV show. & You just need to get busy and watch it.

Firefly is set in The Future, and revolves around the crew of a space ship named Serenity. & In one episode, a fierce mercenary named Jayne receives this hat in a package from his mother far away. & He declares the hat to be & ldquo;cunning & rdquo; and wears it throughout the rest of the episode. & And he looks ridiculous.

Yes, the fierce mercenary, a man, is named Jayne. What can I say? & The Future is complicated. & Everyone dresses like a cowboy, and they all swear in Chinese, but it is SO GOOD.


Sadly, Fox Television didn't think so, and the show was canceled before the first season had completely aired. & But the series sold incredibly well on DVD. & So well that Whedon was able to reassemble his posse and make the motion picture Serenity.

And that scrappy little hat, with a design and a color scheme that only a mother could love has become a banner, a badge of honor to the legion of Whedon fans. The original Jayne Hat went home with Adam Baldwin , the actor who played Jayne.

This September the hat goes up on eBay. The California Browncoats , a philanthropic group of Firefly fans will assist Baldwin with the auction. & The proceeds of the sale will go to a charitable organization that provides scholarships to the children of fallen military personnel. &

It is a noble gesture for a mercenary to make. & I think his mother would be proud.