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A Pop Art Batman from Cartoon Network

B & B is a classic and recently re-launched DC Comics series featuring Batman and a rotating cast of guest superheroes. & Upcoming guests for Season One include Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, and the new Blue Beetle.

The panel included Andrea Romano who has served as Casting Director for voice talent on Batman and other animated series since the 1980's. Anyone familiar with the Batman and Justice League series already know what a contribution she has made.

Andrea Romano and Diedrich Bader talk Batman: the Brave and the Bold


These shows attract top-notch talent, and Andrea said that many A-List actors are thrilled to do voice work for her, because many have children too young to see the films in which they regularly appear. She also said that Diedrich Bader was her first choice for the role of the new, funnier Batman, and after an extensive casting process, she was proven right.

The Q & A session was quite lively. & Older fans were excited about the classic look of the show. & One young fan asked about the new Batmobile and what it would be able to do. & The panel didn't go into detail, but said it would be more of a James Bond car, and that it could do anything & ndash; like a Swiss Army knife on wheels. Cool.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold premiers this fall on the Cartoon Network.