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Role Models is Hilarious

"Role Models" is a story about two friends, Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott), who work together advertising an energy drink and end up conducting wild behavior. Their punishment: Work off 150 hours of commmunity service hours in a Big Brother program mentoring kids.

Both are assigned to kids. Wheeler, the very outgoing one, gets stuck with Ronnie, a wannabe tough 10-year-old boy who happens to curse a lot for his age. On the other hand, Danny, the one who hates his life and has no joy in it whatsoever, gets stuck with Augie, a nerd who is absolutely obssesed with the fantasy world of Medival times. Throughtout the story, Danny and Wheeler go through many hardships; but at the same time, they learn the importance of many things in life from Augie and Ronnie despite the many hours they had to work off.

"Role Models" (rated R for crude and sexual content, strong language and nudity) is a hilarious movie and I highly recommend it as a must see. I really enjoyed the storyline and especially Bobb'e J. Thompson's character, Ronnie, with his cursing so much and his obsession with women (despite the fact that he's such a young kid).

Corrected: November 28, 2023 at 12:01 PM PST
Lily Canones is a senior at Mount Miguel High School.