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Trailer: Kick-Ass


Finally a Film That Lives Up to Its Title

Last month I got an advance peek at "Kick-Ass" (opening April 16 throughout San Diego) and I fell in love. Check out this trailer and see if you feel any chemistry.

Based on Mark Millar's comic of the same name, "Kick-Ass" is something of an anti-superhero tale that suggests vigilantism may not be the smartest response to rampant crime. The comic and the film by Matthew ("Layer Cake") Vaughn have a tone that mixes excessive violence, comedy, and pain. The result is a kick ass film. I'm seeing the film for a second time tonight (and can't wait!) and will have a full review next week when it opens. But this film was just so much fun to watch that I wanted to share the trailer.

Web movie: Kick Ass
Kick-Ass Trailer

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