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Comic-Con 2010, Friday: Stormtroopers And Society for Creative Anachronism


Today was Star Wars day at Comic-Con International, as well as day two of the popular four-day convention. As costumes go, stormtroopers were a common sight, as were your Spidermans and Jack Sparrows. One cosplayer told me today was about showing off one's second best costume and that tomorrow, Saturday, is when the creme of the costume crop is on display. Check out the photo gallery to see if there's anything second rate about today's costumes.

I continue to approach Comic-Con like an amateur anthropologist, more interested in fan culture than the celebrities and big movie panels. I did flirt with the idea of going to the "True Blood" panel, but then heard Ballroom 20 was closed almost four hours before the actual panel because the room was full of of "TB" fans.

Among my cultural discoveries - I'll blog about the others soon - I learned that a group of medieval enthusiasts, the Society for Creative Anachronism, hold sparring and combat demonstrations at Comic-Con every year (on the back mezzanine level). They fight with swords (made of rattan) and wear full body armor in the style of medieval knights (see gallery pictures).

I chatted up a woman dressed in Medieval garb who's really into medieval cooking. Apparently this includes baked eel in a pie and a chicken, tumeric and rice dish that was a favorite of Richard V.

Oh, and we here in San Diego live in the barony of Calafia, part of the kingdom of Caid, which includes Southern California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Just one of the many subcultural gems to be mined at the largest pop culture convention in the world.

I'll be going only one more day - Saturday - so check back for more pictures and observations throughout the weekend.