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NPR's StoryCorps As Animated Short Video


I have friends who tell me they cry every Friday morning when they hear StoryCorps on NPR's Morning Edition. The oral history project founded by Dave Isay features regular people talking with their loved ones about life's joys and hardships, their relationships and memories. I don't always like to hear such intimate, heartfelt stories during my newscasts, so I usually go back and listen to StoryCorps later in the weekend when I'm in the mood.

Well, what has worked so brilliantly on radio is now being attempted on video and - to my surprise - it works!

Check out this animated short called "Danny and Annie," about a Brooklyn couple married for 25 years. I warn you - especially my tear-prone friends - this one tugs at the heartstrings. I was basically a puddle in my office chair by the time it ended.

StoryCorp's "Danny and Annie" As Animated Short

For more on the StoryCorps animated series, check out this NY Times article.

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