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Weekend Preview: Craft Beer, Nude Paintings

Weekend Preview: Craft Beer, Nude Paintings
Music, dance and craft beer...we've got the makings of the great weekend preview today...and we'll even throw in a bit of a brough-ha-ha over large nude paintings.

Music, dance and craft beer...we've got the makings of the great weekend preview today...and we'll even throw in a bit of a brough-ha-ha over large nude paintings.


Kinsee Morlan, Arts editor for San Diego CityBeat


Peter Holslin, Music editor for San Diego CityBeat

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CAVANAUGH: I'm Maureen Cavanaugh you're listening to to these days on K P B S. [CHECK] joining me for todays weekend preview are are Kinsee Morlan's art editor for San Diego city beat good morning.

MORLAN: Thanks for having me.

CAVANAUGH: And Peter Holslin is music editor for San Diego city beat. Hi Peter.

HOLSLIN: What's going down.


CAVANAUGH: To you know it's city beat day. Lets start with you Peter [CHECK] this weekend are you happy the way and said that.

HOLSLIN: I sure am.


HOLSLIN: Well Spoke M is a South African DJ and he's got a lot of attention in the US over the last year. His two thousand 10 album [CHECK] which is it's the name reference [CHECK] which roughly means machine gun so he's pretty provocative artist base well he just makes really heavy kind of dark electronic dance music with kind of south American [CHECK].

CAVANAUGH: Can you compare his music to any other artists.

HOLSLIN: You know I think the to best comparison would be M I A and dip he with who is D J and music producer and he's just got this very worldly sound you know very global but had [CHECK] the tense and just a little creepy he does this amazing cover of she's lost control by you decision and it's gothed out and dark and spooky and you know I say it's all creepy than the first song.

CAVANAUGH: Okay well I don't know if this one will reflect that but let's listen this is don't mean to be rude [CHECK] don't mean to be rude E P that's don't mean to be rude by S M and that doesn't sound too gothic

HOLSLIN: I mean some of it is you know like that shows lost control over supper goth but the rest of it is it's not.

MORLAN: The is a little zombie creep in there like if you're dancing you to prepare pretend you're a zombie.

HOLSLIN: Just a dollop.


HOLSLIN: They’re an electrical pop boys in big electronic it's bone getting a lot of attention.

CAVANAUGH: What is their music like.

HOLSLIN: They're really catchy pop with it's 80's you know really new wave but also like a few touches.

CAVANAUGH: Sounds like it goes nicely.

HOLSLIN: They make a fine pair.

CAVANAUGH: Spoke and rain be [CHECK] play in North park on Saturday night we move to dance in San Diego [CHECK] place this week end tell us about that show.

MORLAN: San Diego dances is a dance festival the this guy is he found around town [CHECK] in mission hills and he invites other local dance companies to dance along side his company the P GK project and they do kind of this quick one goes in one goes out it next company goes in it next goes out it's just a high energy you get glass of wine you when you walk in the door so it's kind alternative dance test.

CAVANAUGH: To tell us about the Charities

MORLAN: He's a compact little guy but he's bone through known throughout the dance company for his can dance and choreography what got my interest is the fact he's all over place all the time he's always putting on shows he does the four boy four he does dance move in [CHECK] a really energetic guy and write about him this week and his business model is contemporary dance so instead of focusing on one or with two really big shows which those are get but when people he's just you know he's [CHECK]free performance spaces.

HOLSLIN: Hes inviting other local dance companies.

CAVANAUGH: Let me ask you about this particular venue because you made the point that this San Diego dances doesn't show up in a traditional dance pace so it's going be performing at dance center on toy and Saturday what's this pace like.

MORLAN: This is probably the choice [CHECK] but it steal presents so imagine you walk out and the dance company the sort of [CHECK] you there's no back there's other space challenges he up and it will be more crowded than you thought may be so you to make last minute adjustments that becomes really interesting because you kind of [CHECK]on it's head to the right of which it's being San Diego dance place [CHECK}

HOLSLIN: Darry{check] bar killing it this week.

CAVANAUGH: Salem is playing Monday tell us about them.

HOLSLIN: If you've ever heard someone check[CHECK] it was very likely in reference to Salem they're a group they make dark songs, electronic pop and you know but I would really I don't know if you would call it pop it at all they just have really big loud ever blown sense and [CHECK] and the most interesting thing is that they have chopped and screwed him hop beats out of hip hip.

MORLAN: And they all wear witch hats.

CAVANAUGH: [CHECK] witch house just passed me by you say that they are one of the most diversive bands in music with why is that.

HOLSLIN: They sort of wear their dysfunction on their shove they have an E P called yes I smoke crack and read this interview with them which one of the members just decide today blow off the interview because he was still sloping hung over you know so some people thing that just you know a bunch of the different [CHECK] but other people think their just absolutely ground breaking what they’re doing oh you neck and genius.


HOLSLIN: So there's mixes [CHECK] what they look like sounds from king night Salem.

CAVANAUGH: Oh that witch house now I got it that's from the album king night by Salem now there's a cup of other groups playing at the soda bar on Monday are they going to be in that electro pop vain.

HOLSLIN: Yeah I would say I mean they're not witch house bands they're two local bands [CHECK} of a darkness to them but they’re both are have some catchiness to them oh man yeah kind of make said I would call it radio active pop rock and it sound said like you know what you would hear in new York city night club in the 80s maybe lime a vampire night club even.

CAVANAUGH: What is with you today.

MORLAN: I know it's so carry.

HOLSLIN: And then but it's get it's really good their amazing than ramones they make kind of dark show electro pop with these kind of R and B touches and I love those guys.

CAVANAUGH: [Check] They're all playing the soda bar Monday. Coloring book show now there's nothing dark about that right with.

MORLAN: Well it's a coloring book but [CHECK] with he wrote to a bunch of artist friends [CHECK} and had them some up withdrawing so the a little strange nothing too creepy but yeah it's mind drawing then he can them to exchange and curl work so it's the opening night of the will be a live coloring wall which i don't know that's going to look like.

HOLSLIN: Sounds like a good time.

CAVANAUGH: Now you have seen some of it art work can you give us an idea of what they look like these drawings that are going to be colored.

MORLAN: Well the walls I've seen are detailed line work very nice work and then you know colored in so it's I mean I don't know of you would be able it tell it was collaborative that two different people wept at one piece but basically it does look like a detailed fine art.

CAVANAUGH: Fine art coloring book that as good way to put it and actually visitors as you say will be able to grab markers and mark on the wall if they want do right.

MORLAN: Go for it the it's closed on location gallery in south park only did one opening oh far their going to be open with walk about which is going on Saturday and it's little the size of a studio maybe a little smaller of this but it's a tiny little space but oh far they've been very interesting thing artists get another and run a space something interested is going to go down.

CAVANAUGH: That'S very true so the coloring book show is called splendid his consumption and happens Saturday six P M at disclose said on location [CHECK]. Now here as band I've heard of the dark it's a British group they play forth and B on Saturday.

HOLSLIN: There's nothing spooky or goth about this band they were a pie near now wave group back [CHECK} they're best known in the United States for hit if you leave which was in the pretty in pink soundtrack with they came out with a bunch of hit in early 80s and [CHECK] yeah they were you know they were just really interesting experimental but also just sucked you in with those new wave hooked to but their popularity eventually just kind of fizzled but here they are again.

CAVANAUGH: I mean how did the popularity fizzle.

HOLSLIN: Well it's really funny because they, like I said they en corporate a lot of really interesting element into their music and then what happened in their forth album it was just a little too challenging for you know it the commercial public you know they it's all, it's this album had about cold war [CHECK] can they have these spare pop work pop song it was just too challenging.

MORLAN: I think a lot of bands make that one album for themselves.

HOSLIN: And these guys just went ahead and made that album Ive got to say it's a great album but it's not a top 40's album.

CAVANAUGH: Let's listen to their in the dark pretty in pink that's if you John Hughes movie so it's been 14 years since put that interesting album out least that last [CHECK]

HOLSLIN: [CHECK] I haven't heard it whole thing but what I have heard it's definitely not dazzle ships it's got pop, flare, you know i think it's something that the pre dazzle ship fans would have liked.

CAVANAUGH: How are their live shows this isn't the same line up the 80's right.

MORLAN: I'm not exactly he sure but they've been going on tour lately and they kind of had a little bit of {CHECK] at south by south west a camera fell on the audience and it injured four people but oh lets just hope there will be no camera at this one.

HOLSLIN: That's rock and roll man you got to deal with it. They do all it their hit.

CAVANAUGH: Now we get to beer. Kinsee the Mission Valley t holding the second annual beer feast tell us about this event.

MORLAN: It's been getting a lot of attention and I think

it's because like me {check] are saying oh my goodness something interesting happening in mission valley sound the alarm.

CAVANAUGH: I was going to ask you we don't think about mission valley does mission valley have very may breweries

MORLAN: Three that I know of San Diego brewing co. Gordan Berch and fire house but they don't really do big events they're places you can go get a taste or not thought and even last years beer feast wasn't very big this is really the first big [CHECK} last and checked it was had most local and southern California breweries 15 local chefs cook up their food and what I like about a big pool party [CHECK] go party or hang out all day for the cost of a beer or two and the Handley is this huge hotel went through this four million dollar renovation recently and think it's untapped resource I'm telling all the city beat hipsters [CHECK] that happen but yeah the beer feast of course this will be out in a parking lot but hey you're drinking beer so it will be fine.

CAVANAUGH: And the proceeds are going to a local with charity what charity.

MORLAN: It's fresh start surgical gifts [CHECK] that provided reconstructive plastic surgery to to young children and adults with physical deformities. [CHECK] reason do drink.

CAVANAUGH: You said it the second annual Mission valley craft beer festival takes place Sunday [CHECK] in hotel circle now I don't want to leave before what we talk about mention at the front[CHECK] this is this sort of community panel about a [CHECK} art world of an exhibition of paintings by artist that was canceled.

MORLAN: Well the gallery is a really alternative in hall way pair way at the naval training center in point loma and [CHECK] operated by the expensive art institute they do the curetting they actually had [CHECK]i think maybe because they were show [CHECK] director of the foundation thought it wasn't a good idea partly because that building houses none profit that cater to children, families and was going to let it go with that I think it's interesting when we all have this short of gut relation to nude I'd think it's something that we should had discussed and talked about and when a show gets canceled and was [CHECK] after and posted that story and got a bunch of emails saying this[CHECK] and can do what they want it's thought really censorship because it's their space what their creating is this [CHECK} he was telling me now when I'm painting I'm constantly checking myself saying will is this too edgy so I think wore creating this sort of culture of you know in San Diego had ready problem dealing with our vanilla state of art culture so it will be an interesting debate.

CAVANAUGH: What I understand the nature the very specific kind of gallery it's basically a hallway and a stair well is is very much open to people who are not necessarily going to see an exhibition.

MORLAN: Right I think that is an interesting and valid point but I also think if your going do a show with the public protection in mind you should check with the public and you should talk about it you know test the waters so what San Diego is ready to deal with so what we [CHECK] of course people who show up will probably be parts of any contemporary art but I think San Diego needs as check we just can't do things because one person would find things offensive and think I love naked body's. [CHECK].

HOLSLIN: Who doesn't.

MORLAN: And pushing [CHECK} be this isn't the space or place but and think we should check our self those just another element of this the [CHECK} I believe herself and is of the leading up to this event and about the [CHECK} contemporary art to get.

MORLAN: Right when you take something like nudes off the table for instance your really you that as eliminating an entire body and again as a [CHECK] you start self educating you start being afraid so he [CHECK}

HOLSLIN: Boring.

MORLAN: And sometimes were to be honest but it's very much brush strokes color and composition you can see nipples. Can I say nipples?

CAVANAUGH: Yes. You can. You already have. The discussion [CHECK] place at expensive art institute at liberty station at six 30 next Wednesday and want to thank you both thank for being here.

MORLAN: Thanks so much, thank you.

HOLSLIN: Hope we didn't get our car towed.

CAVANAUGH: We'll see. I'm not responsible.{CHECK} I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. I hope you enjoy the rest of week you're listening to these days on K P B S.