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Masterpiece Mystery! Miss Marple VI: The Pale Horse

Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple as seen in "The Pale Horse."
Courtesy of ITV for MASTERPIECE
Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple as seen in "The Pale Horse."

Airs Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 10:30 p.m. on KPBS TV

With a gentle smile and a probing mind, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple often finds herself at the center of trouble — a witness to betrayals, poisonings and all manner of mayhem. Knitting needles in hand and a cup of tea always at the ready, Marple quietly earns confidence while uncovering secrets and exposing killers.

"There are dark forces at work here, Inspector. They must be forced into the light." - Miss Marple in "The Pale Horse"

In Series VI, premiering in the summer of 2011, Miss Marple returns in an all-new case. In "The Pale Horse," Miss Marple seeks justice, armed with little more than a mysterious list of names sent by an old friend only moments before he was murdered. JJ Feild ("Northanger Abbey") guest stars.

Fair is foul and foul is fair in the hamlet of Much Deeping, where the Pale Horse Inn is run by a trio of entrepreneurial witches, and the annual celebration of the town's witch trials of 1664 is about to commence. Arriving just in time is Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie, "Cranford"), who has set her knitting aside to pursue the murderer of her old friend, Father Gorman.


Armed with a cryptic list of names sent to her by the good clergyman just prior to his death, Miss Marple follows clues as she joins the assemblage of eccentric guests and infiltrates the witches' sanctum santorum. But when a fellow guest at the Pale Horse Inn is found dead, the tidily tailored and unassuming sleuth must determine whether black magic or something even more sinister is at work.

This episode originally aired in 2011.

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Miss Marple: The Pale Horse Preview

"Miss Marple: The Pale Horse premieres Sunday