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Barrio Logan Wants In On Comic-Con Spotlight

Posters for the new Chicano-Con are plastered all over Barrio Logan, July 8, 2015.
Matthew Bowler
Posters for the new Chicano-Con are plastered all over Barrio Logan, July 8, 2015.

Business offers Chicano-Con to draw attention to Latino popular culture

Barrio Logan Wants In On Comic-Con Spotlight
Barrio Logan Wants In On Comic-Con Spotlight
Business owners in the San Diego neighborhood said they don't benefit from the international event so they're hosting Chicano-Con.

Comic-Con is in full bloom but Barrio Logan business owners say they are left out. Enter: Chicano-Con, one business' way of joining the fun while staying true to the community’s heritage.

Barrio Logan is less than a mile away from the San Diego Convention Center.


“From the rooftops of our homes, we can see the Convention Center,” joked David Favela, owner of Border X Brewery.

Chicano-Con, a celebration of Latino popular culture will be held this weekend because Barrio Logan has a rich artistic heritage that’s being overlooked by the larger event, he said.

“There is no effort, at least that we’re aware of, of some integration or some outreach or something to our community,” Favela said.

Barrio Logan artist Mario Chacon said the institution of Comic-Con isn’t deliberately excluding the Chicano community.

“I think there is also a legacy of racism. There’s a legacy of bias, that’s pervasive, conscious or unconscious and that prevents people from looking outside of there very narrow perspectives,” Chacon said.


For Favela the community in Barrio Logan has been fighting for recognition since the Chicano Park protests in 1970. However, 45 years after Chicano Park was born, the fight for the Chicano community has evolved, Favela said.

“I like to joke around and call it Chicano 2.0,” Favela said. “One where we’re moving beyond political statements and we’re moving into economic statements.”

According to the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Comic-Con generates $160 million to $180 million each year for San Diego, but Favela said Barrio Logan doesn’t share in the wealth.

“We’re literally in a dead zone here,” Favela said. “To be honest, there is no animosity toward Comic-Con. We think it’s a wonderful institution. I would love to work with them.”

Artist Mario Chacon sees a lot of possibilities with Comic-Con.

“I think Comic-Con has a huge potential to not only be inclusive but to help develop the artistic potential of people of color,” Chacon said.

Chicano-Con is on both Saturday and Sunday starting at noon at the Border X Brewery just south of Chicano Park on Logan Avenue.