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County Water Authority May Buy Water From Carlsbad Desalination Plant

Proposal Could Lead To Authority Buying Plant In 10 Years

The San Diego County Water Authority Board has agreed to negotiate an agreement to buy water from the developers of a desalination plant in Carlsbad. The terms of the deal are not yet final.

The water authority and plant developer Poseidon Resources are now starting negotiations.

"Before a final agreement is reached, Poseidon Resources still must finance design, construction and operation of the facility," said Bob Yamada, a water resources manager with the county water authority.


"One of the key things that they need to do is to bring the equity partner to the table, since that partner is going to have much to say about the structure and the agreement since they're putting up a significant amount of money," said Yamada.

Yamada said part of the proposed water purchase agreement gives the authority an option to buy the desalination plant 10 years after commercial operation starts.

The water authority said the facility could supply about 8 percent of the county's total water needs by 2020.