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Taxpayers Scramble To Make Deadline

Taxpayers were given an extra three days to file their taxes this year, but some people are still scrambling to meet tonight’s deadline.

San Diego’s post offices used to bustle with frantic Tax Day filers, but this year, the only post office open through midnight will be the Midway Processing and Distribution Facility at 2535 Midway Drive. That's because nearly 80 percent of taxpayers are filing electronically.

IRS spokesman Raphael Tulino said the average refund this year is $2,895, a slight decrease from last year.


“While you’re doing your taxes this year, you might think of doing some tax planning because with four out of five getting a refund, and the refund being that much, there’s a lot of folks over-withheld, meaning they’re giving the government their dollars when they don’t have to.”

Taxpayers who haven't started their taxes may want to set aside the 1040 and opt for the 4868 -- the form to request a six-month extension from the IRS if you can't make tonight's deadline.