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Summer Jobs Out Of Reach For Many California Teens

Most teenagers just getting out of school for summer will have a hard time finding jobs...again. That’s been the story for the past few years, ever since the unemployment rate’s been in double-digits. Justin Wehner is a labor market consultant with the California Employment Development Department.

“It is a tough job market for everyone and it will be particularly tough on teenagers entering the workforce for the first time since they are going to have to compete with adults.”

Wehner said teens looking for work will need a good attitude and a sense of commitment.


“Be flexible in your approach to seeking employment. There’s a large group of adults out there that are compromising to make themselves more appealing to employers and the employers get to pick and choose.”

Wehner said both teen and adult job hunters should visit the department’s “One-Stop” career centers located throughout California. The centers offer educational and job training.