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San Diego Stocks Fair Well Through Economic Storm

Anyone holding stock in San Diego's larger and well- known firms weathered the economic storm of the past week fairly well, buoyed by today's 430-point gain on Wall Street.

The Dow Industrials have yo-yoed in recent days, with Thursday's massive loss followed by a mild increase on Friday, another meltdown on Monday and today's big run-up.

Nearly all of the shares in big companies based in San Diego County have lost some value since trading opened five days ago, but investors generally did not lose their shirts.


Since trading began Wednesday morning:

-- Bridgepoint Education, which runs online university courses, was down 50 cents, closing today at $21.37;

-- Callaway Golf Co., the golf gear maker, has fallen 33 cents to $5.89;

-- Cubic Corp., the manufacturer of defense systems and automatic fare collection equipment, has lost nearly $4 to $42.07;

-- Cymer Inc., which puts together chip making equipment, has dropped $4 to $40.01;


-- Illumina Inc., which makes equipment for DNA sequencing, was down about $4 to $55;

-- Jack in the Box closed today at $20.39, for a five-day loss of $1.01;

-- Qualcomm, the cell phone chip manufacturer, dropped $3.27 over the past five days to $49.89; and

-- Sempra Energy, parent of San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas Co., lost less than $2 to close at $47.71.

The five-day time period included both major drops for the Dow Industrials and both recoveries.