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San Diego Gas Prices Poised To Set Record

San Diego Gas Prices Poised To Set Record
2011 could turn out to be a year that San Diego drivers want to forget, because the average price at the pump could be a record-breaker.

Gas prices have hovered close to $4 a gallon for most of the year. The Southern California Automobile Club says prices peaked at about $4.26 in the spring.

The club's Marie Montgomery said unless there's a drastic decline in gas prices in the final two months of the year, 2011 will set a record for the highest average price for a year. With two months to go the average is $3.84.

"The next most expensive year was in 2008, and the average for that entire year was $3.49," said Montgomery.


The price peaked at $4.62 in the summer of '08, but then fell below $3 in the fall, according to Montgomery, and there's no indication that the price will fall enough to lower the yearly average by more than a few cents.