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San Diego Workers Are Doing More With Less

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San Diego Workers Are Doing More With Less
A new survey finds San Diego employees are increasingly working more than eight hours a day. The Regus poll found people were also taking more work home with them.

The survey found 40 percent of San Diego workers are working longer than a nine hour day, and more than half of those polled took work home at least three days a week.

Regus provides office services to companies around the world. The survey contacted 12,000 workers in 91 countries and the responses send a clear signal about the state of the economy.

"Companies are asking us all to do more, to keep up and there are fewer resources with the tight job market," said Sande Golgart, Regus regional vice president. "They're forced to bring work home with them and we can only guess that that's impacting people's amount of stress and certainly hindering their work life balance."


"The line between work and home in becoming increasingly blurred, said Golgart, "and the survey results in here match up pretty closely with what's being reported across the country."

"In San Diego, 40 percent of all workers are working greater than nine hours per day. And one out of ten are even working greater than 11 hours per day," said Golgart.

The survey suggests employers are asking their workers to do more with less, according to Golgart.