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AAA: Labor Day Holiday Travel Up

The AAA forecast says a higher number of Californians will be traveling over this Labor Day holiday weekend. According to the auto club, 3.7 million Californians will travel 50 miles or more.

“This is a modest increase of 3.4 percent over last year," said Cynthia Harris who is with AAA Northern California. She says “modest” increases in travel numbers have been the norm over the past four years.

“We saw a decrease throughout the entire year of travelers in 2008. Slowly but surely the trend has been to increase in travel numbers. We do know according to our survey that Californians still feel caught in a fragile state of economic affairs.”


The survey found that most people plan to spend less money over the holiday weekend, including staying with family and friends instead of a hotel.

But for people checking into a hotel, rates are expected to average $154 a night, an increase of four percent from a year ago.