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North County Manufacturing Roundtable In Vista On Tuesday

North County Manufacturing Roundtable In Vista On Tuesday
An executive roundtable Tuesday will talk about the reasons manufacturing companies choose to operate or stay in San Diego's North County.

Manufacturing is alive and well in San Diego’s North County, according to Carl Morgan, CEO of the San Diego North Economic Development Council. The council hosts a manufacturing executive roundtable to discuss why companies chose to locate and stay in the region. KPBS Morning Edition anchor Deb Welsh spoke to Morgan and asked him what are North County’s six key industry clusters.

Event Details

July 1, 2014 from 7:15-9:15 a.m. at the Vista Civic Center.

Free of charge with required RSVP

For more information, go to

Carl Morgan: In the sports and active lifestyle, the clean technology, the biotechnology and medical and informational technology. Those areas are doing very, very well. Of course our craft and brew industry and others.

Deb Welsh: Have you seen a return of manufacturers from overseas?

Carl Morgan: Yeah, we are seeing manufacturing come back on land. A lot of that is because of the cost of labor has gotten to the point where it’s pretty close and the cyber security of all of that, companies are coming back to manufacture in the United States."

Deb Welsh: What are some of the hurdles to doing business, especially in California?

Carl Morgan: You hear a lot of different perspectives on California, the cost of doing business, but, the key, I believe, is the assets and attributes we have here in California, in particular San Diego County, and North County. Companies will want to locate here because the CEOs of those organizations want to be in this environment. I mean, you have, an incredible environment of infrastructure, of education, of labor force, of talent that’s here that makes it easy to do business. And, let’s face it; our climate isn’t too bad either.

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