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High School Students Push Governor To Sign Voter Registration Bill

A group of high school students is urging Governor Schwarzenegger to sign a bill that would lower the age that teenagers could pre-register to vote in California.

There are hundreds of bills on the governor’s desk right now. But some high school students are especially excited about one that would lower the voter registration age to 17. Then, when the pre-registered voter turns 18, they’d automatically be eligible to cast a ballot. Diana Li, a student at Sacramento’s Mira Loma High School and she’s president of the California Association of Student Councils, said it’s a great way to get more young people to the polls.

“We’d essentially be opening up a plethora of opportunities for teenagers to be active voters when they reach age 18," Li said. "High school students will become more cognizant of national issues. And, schools altogether will enjoy a more politically involved and informed student body.”


Currently, only half of the Californians between 18 and 24 are registered to vote. A few other states have approved similar legislation.

Governor Schwarzenegger has until October 11 to take action on all of the bills lawmakers sent him at the end of session last month.