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National Science Foundation Awards USD Grant For Science And Math

The University of San Diego was awarded a $600,000 grant by the National Science Foundation to increase the number of graduates in science and mathematics, especially among minority and disadvantaged groups, it was announced today.

The award will allow the school to issue 18 scholarships of $30,000 each over four years, and provide mentoring and academic support to the students.

"Mathematics, computer science and physics are challenging and time-consuming subjects and students may need an extra incentive to choose these fields," said Cameron Parker, a USD associate professor of mathematics.


The school plans to begin recruitment early this year, with nine students beginning classes this fall.

The students will take part in a program in the first semester that focuses on physics, using mathematical models and computer science tools. Later, the students will participate in undergraduate research or industry internships, according to Parker.

"We are very excited to begin working on the program and hope it can be a model that can be replicated at other universities to help recruit and retain more students of color and first-generation college students to major in science and mathematics," Parker said.