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San Diego Unified Reshuffles Prop. S Projects

The San Diego Unified School District's $2 billion dollar fix-it list for campuses is now favoring a district-wide technology plan and a downtown high school. That means other projects will be delayed.

Proposition S is a $2 billion school bond measure designed to pay for repairs and upgrades at most campuses in the district.

Some projects are moving forward, however other projects will be put on the back-burner.

New priorities for the Prop. S program now include equipping each classroom with high tech tools and creating a new high school atop a proposed main library in downtown San Diego.

School trustee John de Beck says Proposition S was not intended to give the school/library plan top billing.

“It wasn't about a high school up in the attic. It was a decision that we (the district) would use that as seed money for the acquisition of property or doing the planning for an elementary school should the East Village build out. But it hasn’t built out,” de Beck said.

East Village is a redevelopment area just outside of downtown San Diego.

Even so, the majority of the school board says the district should not backtrack on the technology plans or the city's joint-use library plan.

“We need a good strong downtown library that is influenced by the needs of our students each and every day,” Nakamura said.

The new findings come as some Proposition S projects have already been pushed back. Independent analysts say that's because bond money is coming into the district more slowly because property values have dropped.

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