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UCSD Offers Admission To More Blacks, Latinos

UC San Diego is offering more minority students admission to the campus for the fall semester.

UCSD’s 2010 fall admissions data shows a nearly 7 percent increase in the number of certain minority students offered admission to the university.

More than 380 black students were offered admission. And roughly 2,500 Latinos are also among the qualifying students. In total, more than 18,000 freshman could choose to attend UCSD.

Black, Latino and Native American students only make up 16 percent of the total student population offered admission to UCSD. The majority are white and Asian.

University officials say the increase in certain minority students is linked to an aggressive outreach campaign. A series of racially inflammatory events at UCSD earlier this year pushed the university to do more to admit underrepresented students.

University officials say the challenge now is to get black, Latino and Native American students to accept their offer of admission. They say most choose to attend other UC schools. Some student leaders say that's because minority applicants don't feel comfortable at UCSD.