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Thousands On Waiting List For Community College

School’s out for summer for many California college students—including those who’d like to keep taking classes. Community College Chancellor Jack Scott said there are thousands on wait lists to take classes this summer.

Many courses are being cut due to budget constraints. But Scott said demand is way up, particularly among students who ultimately wish to transfer to other schools and those who want to train for other jobs.

“This year, actually also will be the largest graduating class in the history of California. So that just means we’ve got a perfect storm going," said Scott. "We’ve got far more students that want into our classes, than we have space. So the demand is extremely high. The supply is limited.”


Scott said he estimates this year that 140,000 students were turned away from community college campuses because no classes were available. He say first-time students, who do not get priority enrollment, are particularly affected.

As for summer wait lists, Scott says the longest ones are those for General Education courses, including history and English.