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Star Cellist Wows Chula Vista Students

Kyla Calvert
Venezuelan Cellist German Marcano talked with Senior Lisa Trimm, 18, about resting the weight of her arm on her cello bow and demonstrates the importance of centering your weight at Chula Vista High School on May 3, 2012. "You wouldn't stand like this on the bus," he said. "You'd fall over."
Star Cellist Wows Chula Vista Students
Orchestra students at Chula Vista High School got a visit from a world-renowned cellist this morning.

Orchestra students at Chula Vista High School got a visit from a world-renowned cellist Thursday morning.

Venezuelan cellist German Marcano started his visit with the school's orchestra by playing for the students. He included pieces from traditional classical composers, work of his own and pieces based on Venezuelan folk music.


He also answered students' questions and shared tips on playing their instruments.

Senior and cellist Lisa Trimm was singled out for Marcano's tutoring. The class saw her playing transformed by the small adjustments Marcano suggested. She says was the first time she had gotten coaching from a professional cellist.

"At the every end I just noticed that I played a lot better. I think I'll just use his tips from now on - it's very useful," she said.

Marcano works with young musicians through Venzeula's El Sistema. Most of the children served by the free national orchestra program are disadvantaged.

It is also a model for San Diego Youth Symphony's Opus community orchestra project. Marcano said access to high-quality music instruction can be a bridge out of poverty. He said he's honored to see their methods replicated in the United States and around the world.


"There is no culture without music. And I think The Sistema is contributing a lot of that around the world right now. Giving, not only as I said in the beginning, music - but a way of living through music," Marcano said.

Marcano will cap his San Diego visit with a performance at a youth symphony scholarship fundraiser this weekend.