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CSU Says Student Applications Increasing

CSU Says Student Applications Increasing
California State University officials are trying to limit enrollment because of state budget cuts. But applications are on the rise.

CSU is still in the process of evaluating applications for the fall 2012 semester. “What we know already is that we have a huge, unprecedented demand," said Erik Fallis. The CSU Chancellor’s Office says applications for first-time freshmen alone are up by about 10%. The number of total applications is up by 5%.

Fallis says there are a couple of reasons why: first, CSU has improved its outreach to high school student and second, the poor economy inspires more people to go back to school to change or advance their job skills.

Despite the increase in demand, Fallis says ongoing budget tightening has forced CSU to admit only 1,163 more students in the fall.


“One of the ways we’re able to maintain quality is by limiting the number of students who we except into our universities," said Fallis.

CSU has frozen enrollment for spring 2013 and is wait-listing students for fall 2013 admission.