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Bill To Reduce Weight Of Student Test Scores Passes California Assembly

A bill that reduces the emphasis on standardized test scores in evaluating schools has passed the California Assembly and now moves to the Senate.

California currently produces an Academic Performance Index, or API to rank each school statewide. It’s based entirely on testing.

The bill calls for standardized test scores to make up no more than 60 percent of API for high schools, and 40 percent for primary and middle schools. It would also emphasize science and social studies.


Democratic Assembly member Ricardo Lara says it’s time for schools to have a more holistic approach to education. “We have to look at the student’s entire academic record the entire student experience to be able to assess if they are prepared or not, so I think this bill moves us in the right direction,” said Lara.

Republicans opposed the bill, saying it would de-emphasize testing and core academic instruction too much.

The bill targets the same issues as a more detailed bill pushed last year. That was vetoed by the Governor.