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University of California Salaries Up An Average 4 Percent

Salaries for people who work at the University of California went up 4 percent on average in 2013. A new report says non-union workers got their first raise since before the recession.

Steve Montiel is with the University of California Office of the President. He says a major reason for the raises is that the UC faces market competition from other universities to attract and retain academic talent. But he says higher pay isn’t the only thing working in the UC’s favor.

“We’re fortunate that it’s a university system that’s so highly regarded in a state that so many people want to live in that we’re able to hold on to people better than some people might think,” Montiel says.


Health science faculty and athletic coaches were some of the top 10 earning employees of 2013.

Unionized UC workers continued to receive their negotiated annual cost of living increases.

About half of the University of California’s $24 billion annual budget goes to employee compensation, according to the report.